Our Aim

To be the first choice for buses and coaches in Africa striking a balance affordability, durability, quality and comfort.

Costing and Pricing

Costing and pricing is based in the most economic and affordable way whereby our clients can enjoy coupled with friendly efficient services.

Our Products

Check out our full catalogue of products from the Full luxury, Semi luxury, Sub Sahara Africa and Custom buses

Our Products

Check out our full catalogue of products from the Full luxury, Semi luxury, Sub Sahara Africa and Custom buses

Who We Are

Established in 1950, LSHS is the largest bus and coach manufacturer in East and Central Africa. With over 60 years experience in the bus body building industry LSHS has steadily grown to command the largest market share in the region while concurrently expanding its production capability from 20 units in 1997 to the current 80 units a month.

LSHS leadership position in the industry has been achieved through long term commitment to investment programs in design and development, acquisition and application of efficient and effective production technologies and direct marketing efforts within the region.

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Why Choose Us?

  • SafetyOpen or Close

    1At LSHS the safety of our buses is our number one concern. In addition to building strong robust buses we also have safety features to protect the driver and passengers of the bus bodies we build. Our safety features include:

    1. Anti roll bars to prevent the collapsing in of the roof in case of accidental rollovers.
    2. Robust frame construction with proper usage of hollow sections and angle lines at the direct impact places.
    3. Individual seat lap belts.
    4. Anti skid flooring.
    5. Grab handles and hand rails.
  • QualityOpen or Close


    The quality of LSHS bus bodies remain one of the highest in the region as is evidenced in the number of LSHS buses that are still road worthy after years on the road. Beginning with the procurement of quality material to proper treatment of  materials we ensure that LSHS buses will provide our clients with a good return on their investment. Some of the quality measures undertaken include:

    1. A fully functional internal quality department that keeps a close vigil on production.
    2. Standardized jigs ensure that we maintain the same standards on each bus body we build.
    3. All body frame components including all hollow sections are treated both inside and out in an approved rust prevention primer.
    4. All interior accessories are powder coated to endure wear and tear.
  • InnovationOpen or Close


    The secret to our longevity for the last 60 years has been our commitment to continuous improvement. A few highlights include:

    1. Use of reinforced fibreglass on front, rear and roof of the bus in addition to ABS interior help reduce the overall weight of the bus; subsequently reducing the fuel consumption and wear and tear on tires.
    2. Introduction of CKD in bus body building with foreign collaborators.